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Skill, experience and expertise

People don’t always see eye to eye
Differences lead to arguments
Discussions get bogged down
Many become serious disputes
Or compromises that don't work in practice

Wasted time - wasted energy - wasted opportunities

Skilful negotiating changes that

We are skilful negotiators with vast experience, gained from hundreds of complex and tricky negotiations. We have a constructive approach to negotiating that maximises value and commitment.
We have helped more than 1,500 executives across the world improve their negotiation skills. We guide you through a learning journey, which starts well before you arrive in the training room - And continues well after you leave. We ensure your success, given your particular context and challenges

We share our skill, experience and expertise to help people understand one another better, make excellent decisions and get better deals. They are then committed to making agreements work. Performance and profits quickly improve.

We’ll help you, your colleagues and your business partners succeed - together

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A customers view

"Having been in some fairly tough negotiations over the years, I really appreciated the opportunity to learn from these expert negotiators who also train mere mortals like me. I thoroughly enjoyed the practical and interactive course.”

“Invariably tough negotiations arise at work, I feel I now have a wealth of knowledge and expertise I can draw on in my preparations as well as throughout any negotiation process. And should I require it, I know I can call on Patrick Esson and his team at Aransa for a few words of friendly advice.”

Nick Bleech, Lead Consultant, Major Programmes, Logica

We learned the hard way, but you don't have to. A personal statement from Patrick about learning to deal with cheats and bullies.