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Aransa won't tell you how to run your business. But we will help you make it more profitable.

Aransa is a group of exceptionally talented negotiators and mediators. We have spent a long time at the sharp end and have proved many times over that we know how to handle tricky and volatile negotiations. We are also successful at passing our knowledge and skill on to other people. We keep abreast of current best practice through our link to INSEAD, one of the world’s leading business schools.

Our collective expertise and skills stem from successful careers in fields such as:

  • Commercial management
  • Transnational projects
  • Engineering and construction
  • Law
  • Financial services
  • HR and internal communications
  • Finance, accounting and taxation
  • Electricity/utilities
  • Defence

Aransa consultants are qualified to help your organisation improve the results it achieves when your people negotiate. Most of our core team are also accredited to mediate in disputes when legal proceedings have already started.

Patrick Esson
I am sure there is a way

John Done
Yes, it can be done

The devil's in the detail

Leonie Cooke
We can sort it out

Charles Hardeman
This is how we will get it done

Jean McDougall
Lets work together


Whatever the issue or problem you're facing, the members of our team will have tackled something like it before and will be able to help you find a way through.

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