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The Aransa Negotiation Training Programme

Aransa guides you through a learning journey, which starts well before you arrive in the training room - And continues well after you leave

What does it cover?

By enrolling on the programme you will:

  • Be challenged to assess your own negotiation style in light of the needs of the current business environment
  • Learn about a new, more rewarding way to negotiate and practise using it in real world scenarios
  • Be able to apply new skill to your own role immediately – and have one of our experienced negotiators at hand to ensure your success, given your particular context and challenges

Who is it for?

Aransa's negotiation training is for executives who regularly negotiate as part of their role and are accountable for delivering specific results. It's particularly aimed at:

  • senior executives, relationship managers and key decision makers
  • sales, procurement and commercial executives
  • operational, process and resource managers

How is it delivered?

The programme is delivered through a three-day workshop and four months of group and individual coaching. You receive an aide memoire and the ongoing opportunity to ask questions and join discussions as part of our alumni. The whole course is designed to ensure measurable benefits

Further Details

Please get in touch for further details including pricing. 

Preparing you for skilful business negotiation

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A customers view

"I jumped at the chance to take Aransa's negotiation training and found it a real eye opener.”

Senior Consultant

"It's incredible how helpful people have become, since I've changed my approach to negotiating with them."

Procurement Manager

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