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Adobe PDFWho pays the tax bill?
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After a construction industry takeover, legal costs, penalties and mounting interest charges threatened to turn a disagreement about a disallowed six-figure tax deduction into an expensive and long-drawn-out nightmare. Clear thinking and a realistic identification of each party's true interests allowed Mari Scholes to persuade the tax authorities and the three companies involved to sign up to an arrangement everyone could live with. Even the firm that had to pay out was happy to bring the matter to a timely and satisfactory close.

Adobe PDFMeltdown or mediation
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An unacknowledged power struggle between two local directors in the UK office of an international group had split the 20 staff into two angry and frustrated factions. The situation deteriorated over several months until the office was virtually paralysed and people were starting to hand in their notice. The nominal boss, a director from the overseas parent company, had tried to solve the problems, but the main players just seemed to dig themselves in even deeper.

Adobe PDFWho's got the extension lead?
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When two big energy companies got together to build a new power station, they had very different ideas about where they should plug it in. And so did the third player in the drama, the national grid transmission company. With huge capital costs and millions per year in transmission charges at stake, none of the parties was going to back down. It took deft footwork and creative negotiation to invent the concept of “notional embedding”, which effectively allowed the power station to be in two places at once.

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